Actual Name : Rob Rinne
Email address :
Feel free to email me with whatever you don’t feel comfortable commenting about. Or just send me an email with any questions you might have. There’s not much I won’t answer.
If you have something you want read and you want comments on it, send it my way. I’m happy to read it.
If you have a picture you would like to review, send it my way.
(I have a friend who is an awesome photographer and I love reviewing her work ; though, I’ve only done it once online to date, I always evaluate them when I look at at them – they are always so rich in content)

There’s not much else to tell, really.
I love my wife and daughter.
I read – I have a paperback with me at all times.
I write – my weapons of choice are Fisher Space Pen and a Moleskin notebook. I carry these with me all of the time (my favourite jeans have a worn out outline where I keep my notebook).
I work too much – in the production control and logisitics department of a factory that manufactures components for automotive seats.

When I post here, I post what is wandering around in my mind.
When I attach stories here, these are works in progress or finished works that I would really like it if people read and sent me a comment or three.

The title ‘noats’ comes from me wanting to call the site ‘Notes’ but it was already taken. I thought ‘noats’ was clever. Though, a friend of mine pronounces it as ‘No Ats’.
Just come as often as you can and stay for as long as you’d like and you can call it whatever you want.