There is something wrong with me…

I finished writing the last post then remembered that I really should have been changing my cats’s littler box and taking out the garbage. My wife called down to make sure that I was okay.

While I was taking out the garbage and scooping the cat box, I started to think about my post and what else it was I was going to write this evening.

I was also thinking about how much money I wanted to spend on a keyboard, because the keyboard for my basement desktop (1.3Ghz, 1Gb RAM, 500GB HDD, running the new and improved and flawlessly updated to Ubuntu 8.04) is not very good, the IBM laptop on the mainfloor is the best laptop I have ever used for writing (despite it being almost ten years old ; my youngest brother can correct me on it’s age – It’s a Pentium III, 733 with 512Mb of RAM and a 20G HDD with no floppy, no nuthin, running Ubuntu 6.06 – and my brother and law and my wife helped me find a docking station for it, not to mention the fact that I bought an aftermarket battery for it that gives it a four hour operating time) but I like keeping it on the mainfloor and I do my best writing in the basement, and the Toshiba laptop (running stupid Vista because stupid Ubuntu 6.06 or 7.10 won’t run on it because stupid Toshiba has some stupid thing where the wireless card is actually a USB adaptor that Ubuntu has a hard time recognizing – though I have not test driven Ubuntu 8.04 on it yet) that I have is absolutely superb for everything else except writing.

But this isn’t about my computers. This was about my post. The reason why I am writing this is because the Atreus character that I posted is wrong.

Wrong, I tell you. Wrong.

How do I know?

Because I remembered. And it came to me so fast and so furiously that all I could do was come back from emptying the litter box (I elected to dump instead of scooping it when it all came back to me), filled my Steamwhistle pint glass with water (I try not to drink booze when I know I am going to write), and zipped into the basement, knowing for sure that what I was looking for would be there. It was simply a matter of finding it. I found it. And here it is. When my friend reads this post, he will know for sure. Because Venom of the Crush is not easily forgotten

I deleted the player’s name. My friend is a family man now. The Good Lord only knows what would happen if one of his children found out that their father hung around with geeks.

Character Venom

Player <Deleted>

Strength 18/78

Intelligence 10

Dexterity 16

Wisdom 11

Constitution 17

Charisma 11

Thaco 15

Hit Points 60, Armour Class -1(-3)

Class Level 6 Warrior

Experience 43,000 xp (43,000/_________ )

Alignment Chaotic Neutral Age 24

Race Cyclops, Height 7’1″, Weight 365lbs

Abilities -1 initiative

Natural tolerance to weather extremes

Equipment Zachary’s fire (3 charges /___ ),

50′ rope, 3 weeks rations (21/__ ),

flint and steel, tinderbox, torch,

leather backpack, grapple,

iron spikes (5/___ ),wineskin (1gallon/___ ),

Whetstone (3/__ ),black leather gloves,

black leather hiking boots

Currency 250 Nemedian gold peices

Armor Black Dragonscale Armor

Weapons +4 Bastard Sword ‘Axe’,

+2 Warhammer ‘Smash’

Magic Ring of Jumping

Secondary Skills Miner, Leather working

Weapon Proficiencies

Two Handed Weapon style

Long Blades Tight group

Bastard Sword specialist

Warhammer specialist

Non Weapon Proficiencies Modifier

Blindfighting, Endurance, Hunting

Wrestling (double specialization)

Weapon, spd, sz, dmg SM / L, Thac0, #Att

Bastard Sword+4, 2, m, 1d8/1d12 +10, 8, 3/2

(Using it 2 handed), 1, m, 2d6/2d8 +11, 8, 3/2

Warhammer+2, 0, m, 1d4+1/1d4 +9, 10, 3/2

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