Most of what I already wrote today is in longhand in my other notebook.

Some good ideas in there. I won’t forget them. But I won’t retype them here, either. I will just let them sit and fester for a while and see what comes out of it.

Point form notes of today’s writing includes

Blogging is not journalism

Bloggers who confuse themselves with journalists, help confuse people into not trusting themselves

Blogging is fun

Blogging is about personal thoughts and feelings

Writing is easy. Being an author is hard.

I have 1 story, 15 000 words long, that took ten years to write.

I am never going to be religious

I think LOLcats are funny

On those last two notes, let me post a funny. If you don’t know what a LOLcat is, just click on the link.

And if you go to Fark.com on Saturday, you will find a Caturday thread and you will learn more

Song of Solomon 1

Teh Beluved:

1 Solomones Song of Songz, kthx.

2 Let him kiss me wit da kissus of hiz mouf–
for yer love be moar delitefool den cheezbugers. Srsly.

3 Yu has a flavr I likez;
yer name is like smellz poorded out.
Deh oter chikz luv yu too!

4 Take me wit yu plz, come on!
Letz go! the king bringme into hiz chamburz, k?

Revelation 6

Teh Sealz

1 Den teh lamb opened one of teh 7 sealz and teh furst doodz say “Come and take lookz!”2 An behold der wuz white horse, wif a man sittin on it wif a bowz. An crown wuz given to him an he went out to take all cheezburgerz.

3 Den dat lamb opend nother seal and doodz say “Cum”4 Den anuther ridin red horse cum. He wuz allowed to takez all teh worldz cookiez and milkz, and send dem tu bedz eerly. Sum peeps mite die tu: an he can has great sword an stuffz.

5 He prozeded to opens nuther seal an big black horse cum. Living doodz say “Come” an he balanced stuff in hiz handz.6 An den sum dood said “Sum stir fry for denarius! An denarius 4 cheezburger! Better not eated mah cheezs and bradz!

7 An i oppeneded nuther seal an 4th dood say “Come and lookz!”8 Lo behold a pale horsez with a dood sitin on it, his naym wuz Deaths, an liek Hadez an stuff followd himz. Him had enuf skillz to kill lots of doodz, with antifreezez and curiositiez.

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