ABBA and good memories


I am blogging from work because that is the only place I have really been in the last while. I did go away with my wife and my daughter but I wanted to enjoy time with them and not on the computer.

I’ve been writing the whole time I have been away but it has all been longhand – in my Moleskin pocket notebook and my Moleskin large notebook. Mostly about stuff that I was thinking about, things I saw, and things I was thinking. Mostly they are more rambling than this thing is, so I might go back and retype them here for all to see. I have two faithful readers, anyway, who might be interested. And I do not take those two readers lightly. That’s two more readers than I usually have, not counting myself.

The reason why I am blogging from work is because the memory that came to me was so damned insistent and I had no notebook handy (big notebook is in my zippercase in the BMW and my pocket notebook is, well, in my pocket) so I decided to log on quickly and type out a quick note.

I don’t remember the year. Might have been 1998 or 1997. My friend was turning 19 or 21. Man, I don’t remember which birthday it was, but it was an important one. For the friend that might be reading this ; sir, I am sorry. I remember the birthday event, but not the birthday number. But one is more important than the other, right?

And the reason why I remember it is because it kinda meets up with an audio book that I am listening to. I already read the book about a year ago or so, but I found it on tape while we were shopping last weekend. The BMW does not have a CD (it’s an older car, but a great car) and I don’t have an MP3 player, much less an adaptor for the tape deck, so I need to get books on cassette tape for the time being. Bought four or five of them for like eight or nine bucks each. The audio book I started with is Stephen King’s “Lisey’s Story”. And the part I am on is the Bool Hunt before she goes to Boo’ya Moon (read the novel for yourself to get the gist of what I am saying). Suffice to say that a Bool Hunt is a fun treasure hunt that has clues to it, and the clues are called Stations of The Bool. And the Bool at the end can be a treat or a kiss or a drink or an RC Cola. Anyway, when I heard ABBA on the radio here at work and was overcome to write, the audio book came back to me and the Bool Hunt that I was part of that I didn’t even know was a Bool Hunt. And it had to do with my friends birthday, the specific birthday number I’ve since forgotten.

You with me so far? Good.

Anyway one of the stations of this particular Bool Hunt (another one was where we had to do one for one for pushups while I smoked a cigar and shouted like a drill seargant – I wasn’t long out of the Armed Forces Militia at this point) was that my friend had to go to a bar and sing karaoke of a song of someone else’s choosing. At this point, there was a large collection of people involved in this particular Bool Hunt and it was organized by two other people. I was part of it by association.

So, the friend whose birthday it was, the friend that I hope still reads this, had to get up and sing whatever came up. And what came up was ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’. I don’t think this friend of mine even so much as batted an eye and went right into it. I don’t even think he had to look at the prompter for the words. And he got right into it. Singing his heart out and grinding and swooning to the tune, much to the amusement of the Bool Planners. I remember someone else getting up afterwards and trying to sing Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” or maybe it was “Purple Rain”. But I do know it was Prince and I do know that it paled in comparison to the spirited birthday rendition of “Dancing Queen.”

Phew. I feel better. Had to get that out. Sorry about the quickness of it all. I had to type this was inhaling a banquet burger from down the street that someone was good enough to pick up for me.

Back to work. Thank you for reading. Sorry if you had to re-read it and ask ‘What the fuck is this guy talking about anyway.”

3 thoughts on “ABBA and good memories

  1. Was it Super Trouper? Man, I was sure it was Dancing Queen. Damned if I know why that memory came back to me at work, but it did.

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