Just things, you know?


Elected not to go to work on Monday because, not to put too fine a point on it, I was sick. If I were to give a general description, I would say the flu. Upset stomach with general achiness. The achiness went away Monday morning, more or less, but the stomach, she is still achy. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure, that if I practised a little harder, that I could shit through the eye of a needle at thirty paces.

I was good enough, though, that I could take a short jaunt to Staples and see what it is they had on sale. I like Staples for that. Their bargain bins rock. And they did not let me down. I was looking for a pocket briefcase. One that would fit my 3×5 index cards that I carry around (hey, stop laughing) and would look cool (I told you to stop laughing ; yes, you can look cool and have index cards in your pocket – and no, I don’t wear a pocket protector). What I ended up buying was something else.

A new Dlink wireless G router. I had wireless B for the house for the longest time, and when all you are surfing is porn and reading email with more porn, that is plenty. But my wife likes to watch some news programs on the Toshiba laptop and the speed was getting to her. Got the router for 30.00 CDN. Pretty good, I thought.

Found a new keyboard for 20.00 CDN. A PS/2 keyboard with the standard buttons. But I didn’t check the bargain bin closely enough. There was a Logitech Wave keyboard for 30.00 CDN. I dropped the other one and got the Wave. It has nice action and almost all of the special keys work with Ubuntu. There are some media keys that I will have to fart around with. The keyboard has a, well, it has a wave to it that takes a little bit of getting used to when typing. The keyboard that the Wave replaced had to be eight or ten years old. It is more of a case of these old hands getting used to the new millenium, is all.

Bought some bankers boxes, some file folders, and more ink for my Fisher Space Pen. Good way to spend a sick day. Took my loot home and went to sleep for a little while before going to play with my new stuff. Figure I might start tearing through some of the records we keep upstairs and maybe file them away.

What else? Story ideas. I’ve got a few. Not sure if I will ever get to them. But I wrote down the ideas so that whenever I am bored I can file them away in my Idea File. Yes. I have an idea file. They are written on 3×5 index cards that I have in a little 3×5 inch, black metal filing cabinet that I keep next to my computer monitor. No, I am not kidding. You can stop laughing now. My wife wonders why I don’t get beat up more and I tell her that this isn’t high school anymore. I wish I had been this cool in high school.

Anyway, one of the ideas that I had was about a child who is learning their first words and goes from speaking one word at a time to making the leap to speaking in sentences. And when the child starts to speak the child starts talking about past lives. Nothing really all that special about that. You read about that all the time. The thing is, the child is talking about past lives from his wife’s side of the family and not his. Thing about that is that the mother in question is adopted and has absolutely no interest in her birth mother or father, she loves the parents that raised her. The husband is the one that is interested, because kinda like Danny Torrance and redrum, the little child is trying to use words that it does not understand so the child ends up making up their own words, which gets the father/husband all that more excited because the words are subject to interpretation. I’m thinking of pouring through an old Anglo-Saxon poetry book and digging out old words for old things and seeing what I can dig out of it. Maybe the child is talking about murders and strange occurrences on the mother’s side of the family that make the father nervous and maybe the father starts to distrust the mother based on what her biological family had done. Kinda like The Shining meets The Rockinghorse Winner, you know? Those were the two works I was thinking of when I was thinking about this story idea.

I also had another story idea from an old news story that came back to me in a flash, about a contractor finding the corpse of a newborn child wrapped in newspaper and cemented into a wall of a house he was renovating. That may not seem like much of a story, but if you add a good character, let’s say an enterprising young man that wants to turn around some good money in a short period of time by flipping a house that is in bad shape. He buys a house in the beaches and does just that, in hopes of making money so he can start a new life for himself. And as he is doing the renovations himself, he comes upon this child and he starts to research more about the house and the people that owned it, in hopes of maybe discovering who the child might have been and who it’s parents were. It could start with the day, week and year of the newspaper that the child was wrapped in. Use it as a kind of bookmark in time, where the guy can read it to try and relate to the world that this child’s parents came from and try to understand what it was that happened. A good excuse to do research on life in Toronto in the 1900s or something. I was thinking of setting it around the time that the Titanic crashed, and use it as a symbol in the story. Or something like that. The story becomes a whole theme of renewal and ressurection and new life. The newspaper could be the same as the engravings on an egyptian sarcophagus. Or something like that. I would never get the time for this idea, or any of the ideas listed here, so if anyone wants to steal them, feel free. Just please, do me the courtesy of tossing me a bone on the dedication page of the novel, okay?

Oh, and one more thing, okay? Another Advanced Dungeons and Dragons memory dragged up. Recovering all of my old files still, when I get the time, and I found another one. And, of the two readers of this blog (including me would make that three) there is one of you that might remember this character. I felt good finding him. I just need to find that little pen drawing I did of Fanskar and Venom together.

Here’s the character sheet for anyone interested. Thanks for reading.

And for the person that might be reading this, and would constitute the third reader (fourth, if you include me) of my work, I can’t remember being that exacting with the spell components, but I might have been. I certainly kept a record of it. And man, I got lots of records of it.

Clicky on the linky opens up the pdfy


3 thoughts on “Just things, you know?

  1. I had an idea for a short story about a gay man who becomes more and more complacent with his life and sexuality until he one day realizes the ultimate complexity of his preference, being that he wants to be penetrated by a lesbian. I’m thinking along comedic lines, but one of those funny-cos-it’s-true type things.

    Your daughter isn’t old enough to read your blog, right? Sorry.

  2. Are you trying to tell me something, there, Bobb-o?
    Are you finally ready to come out and admit the truth.
    And remember, I have seen the all-to-cool pic of you with your hair all pompadoured and your collar up with the pretty little pink package in front of you. Was that your first round of hormone therapy and everyone was out celebrating?

  3. Not trying to say anything, nope. It was just a funny idea that occurred to me, something I think would be hilariously awkward… I mean, can you just picture a gay man going to lesbian bars trying to pick one up for that sole purpose? I can’t help but smile at the possibilities.

    Wanna go halves on this one? I’ll start researching the dialogue. “Say, madam, I’m a gay man, and I bet I have a question for you you’ve never been asked before…”

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