A thank you, of sorts

One of my two readers did me a huge favour and I really appreciate it.

I find as much time to write as I possible can. And since my mind starting rolling with this whole Blog thing, I check out other blogs and see that there is so much more that I can do with mine. And all it takes is a little bit of time. And when I stack that little bit of time required against the little time that I have available, I chose to spend as much of that time writing and hoping that everything else will absorb through osmosis.

Which is where Bobby comes in. He comes from here. He is a helluva guy so don’t let him tell you any different. And I would say that even if he weren’t doing me a favour. He came up with a pretty cool design and he found an even cooler template that I can use for that design. All I need to do now is pay some money to make this wordpress thing official, and away I go. I think there is more to it. But hopefully Bobby, between working a moving (moving is just something recent for me, I only just read it today – not even sure where the boy is going), can give me a hand. I’m not in any rush and there is no pressure, unless you count the other dedicated reader of my work.

But Bobby did make one comment that I would like to follow up on.

It was just a funny idea that occurred to me, something I think would be
hilariously awkward...
I mean, can you just picture a gay man going to lesbian bars trying to
pick one up for that sole purpose? I can't help but smile at the

Wanna go halves on this one? I'll start researching the dialogue.
"Say, madam, I'm a gay man, and I bet I have a question for you you've
never been asked before..."

So, this post contains a link to a document that is my way of saying thanks, Bobby. I’m sure that you spent more time creating the site than I did writing the story, but I was thinking of you the whole time I was writing it. Just not in that way. And the story isn’t done yet. I’m kind of having fun with the character in my head. And no, not in that way, either.

The Strap On Project

Here’s to thinking of you, Bobby. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “A thank you, of sorts

  1. As he glanced at his own handwriting on the small page, he was struck by a flash of remembrance – not merely of writing it, but of everything that led up to it.

    There was the metronomic ticking of the mantle clock in his doctor’s office. The rhythm of the subway trains as he walked self-consciously downtown. The steady pacing of his socked feet on carpet as he paced circles around the tabloid on the coffee table. An opera of sorts, of life and fear and fetish.

    And all encapsulated, so crisply and completely, in his hurried penmanship on his beaten notebook.

  2. The bit above wrote itself in my mind as soon as I finished the Pdf. I think it’s great, Rob, I enjoyed very much reading the beginning and can’t wait for more. I hope you continue it.

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