Stupid Computers

Stupid computer went and stupid tried to rewrite the stupid CMOS for some stupid reason.

And when I was trying to troubleshoot it I managed to unplug an old, old, old USB key that was given to me a long time ago (as an indication of how long – the USB stick is a whopping 32Mb) and now I think all of the data is lost.

And when I got my stupid computer back up an stupid running, I still can’t get the stick to read. And when I was reading files from the stupid stick before the stupid computer went and stupid crashed, there was at least three stories on that stupid stick that I have absolutely no memory of writing. Zero. I read them and re-read them. Sounded like me. They really did. I just could not remember writing them and I have no other record of them.

That, for me, is strange. And the mystery will be unsolved if I can’t get my stupid computer to read the stupid memory key.

I haven’t written anything concrete for the strap-on project. But I have started a few paragraphs that I think I would like to include in it.

But, as an extra tidbit, check out this little ditty if you’ve got the time

The Way It Goes
Thanks for reading.


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