Still not done


I thought about why I write this and I kind of felt a little self indulgent. I mean, I expect people to read all of this? For real?

When I write my journal entries, first in my ancient zippercase and later in one of my many black notebooks from Business Depot, and now in one of my ultra fancy doantcha know I’m a writer Moleskin notebooks, I always wrote them like someone was actually reading and caring about what I wrote. I kinda fancied someone who was related to me, my wife or my mom or even one of my brothers, would pick up one of the notebooks and be struck by one line that I wrote. But now, I’ve pressed a few simple keys and I got a fucking blog where I can do the same thing and not just my wife or my mom or my brother’s can stumble upon it.

Mind you, I run the risk of someone writing to me and saying : “For real? You’ve been doing that for this long and this is all you got? For real?”

And sadly, the answer to that would be the same as the answer I would give to my wife, my mom or my brothers.

“Yes. Yes, as a matter of fact it is.”

So, The Alligator is 5000 words and still undone. I started 500 words of the vampire story, just to get the juices flowing.

For any and all that are interested, I am posting what I’ve got done for Carl and his Alligator here and now.

Cheers, folks. And thanks, Wife, Mom, and 2 Brothers. And for the three or four other people that might read this crap.


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