Appetites First Draft is Compleat

Around and about 7600 words.
It’s taken about 50 days to write, or about 152 words a day.
Now, I actually wrote no less than 250 words each day, except that
[a] I am easily distracted
[b] I write about other story ideas when the story I am writing about it going bad
[c] Facebook is bad
[d] I am easily distracted

At any rate, for a first draft, it ain’t bad

UPDATED!!! I finished this around midnight or so last night and Iwas kinda tired and the story didn’t post like it should have.

I’m doing this next bit in a place where I really shouldn’t be doing it ; and no, it’s not the back of a volkswagon


I’m going to let it simmer for a week before I rewrite it. In the meanwhile I am going to try and write a vampire short story.
Yes. A vampire short story.

In the meantime, though, I am going to post the story here for the interested to read. Any and all, forward me all of your comments. Go ahead. I can take it.
Actually, I kinda need it. And I sorta thrive on the attention.


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