Your full name: Robert Adrian Arvo Rinne
Height: 5’10”
Natural hair color: Brown
Eye color: Grey/Green
Number of siblings: 2 (brothers)
Glasses/contacts?: Nope
Piercings: Ear, Left (long since closed over)


Color: Green
Band: Nickelback (if I were to have a favourite today)
Song: Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
Stuffed animal: Nope. Got a stuffed dog once for a gift, but that was a long time ago
Video game: Nope
TV show: House
Movie: Hannibal
Book: Ulysses by James Joyce
Food: Pasta
Flower: Nope
Scent: Can’t pin just one
Animal: Elephany
Comic book: Wolverine Limited Series (the original one by Frank Miller)
Cereal: Nope.
Cartoon: Nope


Play an instrument?: Nope
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week?: Nope
Like to sing?: Nope
Have a job?: Yes
Like to play sports?: Nope
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Married
Have a crush on someone?: Nope
Have more than 5 TVs in your house?: Nope
Have any special talents/skills?: I can make a popping noise when I flick my pinkie finger against my ear cartilidge
Exercise daily?: Nope
Like school?: I miss it now, hated it then


Sing the alphabet backwards?: Nope
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes?: Nope
Speak any other languages?: Nope
Go a day without food?: I didn’t get this way by just looking at food, mister…
Stay up for more than 24 hours?: Constantly.
Roll your tongue?: Nope
Eat a whole pizza?: Yup


Cried to get out of trouble?: Yup
Seen a shooting star?: Tonnes. Every August.
Been to any other countries?: 1
Solved a rubics cube?: Nope
Gone out in public in your pajamas?: Yup
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose?: Yup
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator?: Yup. Showed my daughter how to do it and how much people like it.
Been in love?: Yup
Been close to love?: Yup
Been to a casino?: Yup
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour?: Oh, yeah ; that and half a bag of cookies.
Made homemade muffins?: Yup
Been to Disneyland/ Disneyworld?: Nope
More than 5 times?: Nope
Been to Niagara falls?: Yup. As often as me and Mell can manage it.


Brushed your teeth: This morning
Saw a movie in theaters: 3 years. Clerks 2. Almost peed myself laughing.
Read a book: I don’t stop reading. I listen to one in the car back and forth to work and I read 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction at all times
Had a snow day: Never
Had a party: Elena’s 2nd Birthday
Had a slumber party: Last time I had friends over for a three day long AD&D campaign. 16 years ago? Does that qualify as a slumber party?
Tripped in front of someone: today
Went to the grocery store: Last Saturday to buy fixings for dinner


Fruit/vegetables: Veggies
Black/white: ? Black
Lights on/lights off: On
TV/movie: Movie
Car/truck: Car
Body spray/lotion: Hunh?
Cash/check: Cash
Pillows/blankets: Blanket
Paint/charcoal: Paint
Chinese food/Mexican food: Chinese
Summer/winter: Winter
Snow/rain: Rain
Fog/misty: Fog
Rock/rap: Rock
Meat/vegetarian: Meat
Chocolate/vanilla: Chocolate
Sprinkles/icing: Icing
Cake/pie: Mmmmm…Pie. You always say pie
French toast/French fries: French Toast
Strawberries/blueberries: Why discriminate? Seriously.
Ocean/swimming pool: Neither
Cookies/muffins: Cookies
Wallet/pocket: Wallet
Window/door: Door
Pink/purple: Purple
Cat/dog: Cat
Long sleeve/short sleeve: Short
Pants/shorts: Pants
Winter break/spring break: Winter break
Spring/autumn: Spring
Clouds/clear sky: Clear Sky
Moon/mars: Moon.M-o-o-n. That’s spells moon.


am: Restless
want: Wine
need: 1 more hour added to the day
crave: Cookies
hate: Waiting for the waitress to bring me my damned beer
did: it
feel: at loose ends
miss: time
am tired of: work


What is your favourite genre of music?: Not particular
What time is it now?: 9:25PM
What day is it?: Friday
When’s the last time you called someone?: Today. I spend the whole goddamned day on the phone. You want to know how many messages were in my voicemailbox that I deleted without listening? Today? Before I went home? Fricking 9.
Are you hungry?: Nope
Whatch’a doing?: Reading, Making notes about a story I want to write. Waiting for a bottle of wine I opened to breathe a little more. Admiring the Satanic Theme of my Ubuntu OS. This damned quiz thing I copy/pasted from Ian Erb’s notes.
Do you like parades?: Never been to one that I can remember
Do you like the moon?: M-O-O-N. That spells moon./
What are you going to do when you’re done with this?:Finish my notes for my story. Finish the chapter I’m reading. Pour a glass of wine for me and Mell, Write 500 words for my shortstory about vampires. Go to bed.
If you could have any magical power what would it be?: Not magical. Superpower. I want to be Wolverine. Him, or Batman. Christian Bales’s Batman.
Have you ever had a picnic?: Yup
Are you wearing any socks right now?: Socks? Are you kidding me? In this weather?


funny?: Yes
Pretty?: funny? Yes.
sarcastic?: Me? Sarcastic? Never.
hyper?: Constantly
friendly: Not hardly
smart?: Looking? no.
strong?: Smelling? Depending on what I had for dinner.
talented?: Nope.
dorky?: Yup.


Sky dive?: Yes
Run away?: Yes
Not take a shower for a week?: Can’t go 12 hours without one.
Ask someone out?: Today? Nope. Before I was married? Uh, No. Mell asked me out, I think. But I asked her to marry me.
Visit a foreign country for more than a month?: Yes
Go scuba diving?: Yup.


What shampoo do you use?: Head and Shoulders or my daughter’s shampoo ; whichever there is more of that day.
What kind of computer do you have?: Toshiba Laptop (A20), Old P4 desktop, Ancient IBM Thinkpad ; and they all rock.
What grade are you in?: Kindergarten
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies?: Never done it. Going to the movies is like going to church. Don’t get in the way of someone else’s experience.
How many posters do you have in your room: Bedroom? Zero. Basement office? 3.
How many cds do you have?:Hundreds.
What time is it now?: 9:33PM

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