Meredith The Mistress

I’m working on something else right now, but here is a tool I use

A story I wrote that I really, really like that I never finished. It’s one of three or four that I think of on a regular basis. I guess all of my stories, in one form or another, come from these.

And once these are done I will never write again. Until, of course, I find three or four more that I don’t finish.

The important image for me was the candle in the vaulted cave. Couldn’t tell you why. I also like the buzzing bees in the introduction.
I think I got the idea from Aristotle or something.

<edit> I got the story name wrong. That was one was a WIP that I’ll never finish. Meredith The Mistress is the story I was thinking about – or the one that I do think about

Meredith The Mistress

2 thoughts on “Meredith The Mistress

  1. Now, that was quite interesting too.

    I kept waiting to find out that Lily was indeed the mistress, or that Meredith was indeed the killer.

    Nice plot twist.

    As always, a little more background to indenture us to the heroin/victim. Or greater disrepute for poor Warren might ease the seeming incongruities.

    I like it.
    More like this would be good.

    1. I like to write stories that want you coming back for more.
      Ever been to a strip joint and gotten a lap dance? Probably not – being the upstanding young man that you are. But, if you ever go, the really, really good ones are the ones that keep some of it back so you come back wanting more.
      Strippers have taught me so much….
      But thank you for the comment, Jon. Now I have another email address for you

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