I’m not as smart as I think I was

  I bought a really cool tower for my computer the other day from factory direct. All of 30$ CDN and it matches the colour scheme of my keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet, and one of my two monitors. I thought it would be pretty cool and how hard could it be? I mean, all I would be doing is taking from one tower and transferring to the other. So long as I remember how everything was in the one working tower, it should all work, right?
  So, instead of doing the really smart thing and backing absolutely everything up to make doubly sure just in case that, you know, things don’t go as planned – something a smart person would do – I did what an overconfident person with a sparse bit of knowledge would do.
  I took a screwdriver and went to work, talking to myself the whole time, as a means by which to remember what goes where and how it went there. I also made it a one for one swap, too. I took the power source out of the new one and took the power source from the old one because I noticed that the new one was 110V and the old one was 115V.
  See? That was smart, right?
  Problem is, though, is that I must have done something extremely not right, because after I flipped the power switch, all the pretty lights came on but that was about it. Lots of pretty lights and no computer.
  I spent my entire Saturday afternoon trying to make it work. And it didn’t. I tried different configurations. The teller for me was finally when I removed the RAM and turned it on. Frigging thing didn’t even so much as beep.
  Yeah, it’s screwed.
 One good thing, though. I removed the HDD and I powered it up separately (I had a HDD enclosure that I bought for that purpose – well, for another HDD for another computer that I took apart that didn’t go back together the way that I planned) and my data is intact. That’s good.
  So, the plan, I guess, is to hope my good friend, the computer guy, reads this entry.
  And, hopefully, after he makes fun of me in his head, he sends me an email or texts me to make fun of me, and then maybe, if he pities the poor fool who does not learn his lessons well the first few times, he might find it in his heart to let me bring the desktop by next weekend so he could maybe take a look at it.
  Or, even better, now that I think of it, that maybe I could buy a new motherboard and chip and we could put it together this weekend? That might be nice. It’s not as if he hasn’t already done a tonne for me in so many other ways than just simply computers, but I wonder if he could do me this extra favour.
  Problem is, I can’t promise that I won’t do it again.

  Plus, this also means, because I am not going to work from a HDD enclosure, all working projects are on hold. Which means, I need to start on a new writing project. As of tomorrow, I will be 1250 words behind schedule. That is not good.
  I’ll try to do 1000 words tomorrow night and then maybe spread the other 250 words through the rest of the week.
Geez, Louise. I really should know better. But I’m not as I smart as I think I was. Or however that line is supposed to go.


2 thoughts on “I’m not as smart as I think I was

  1. Poor guy. After what I’ve been through the last couple of year (and particularly the last 6 months) I don’t wish computer problems on anybody. May your troubles be quickly behind you.

    Also, how does one get to be someone that sees more recent projects or versions of your work? Skill testing question?

    1. It is a monster of my own making, sir. I’ve no one to blame but myself. Had I not been so impatient, I could have asked my good friend – the one that I hope will help me this weekend – to lend me a hand. But I thought ‘How hard can this be?’.
      And as far as work is concerned. I started to think that posting works in progress was kinda bad practise and only got into posting finished product. And what you see is what you get for finished product.
      If it is a long piece of work and I am stalled at 250 words a day, it takes a while to get done. And now that all of my work is on the HDD on the broken computer and even though I can use the portable enclosure to get my notes and data from it, I don’t want to tempt fate and am starting from scratch with a new project.
      Good news with that, though, is I did over 1700 words with it last night. That is a good sign.
      It also tells me that the desktop has too many distractions on it. Because working from my little IBM Thinkpad, I did a fair amount of work in two hours.

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