I am journalling from work.

   Yeah, I really shouldn’t and yeah, I totally realize that I should be working. I am probably going to be here until at least 7:00Pm or 8:00PM tonight – hopefully earlier, but I don’t think so. It doen’t help that the Mexican government is shutting down some of the most swine flu infected cities – and it just so happens that those are the cities that are home the the factories that make parts for us ; so we have to make some changes to all of the schedules to accomodate. But that’s enough about that. For now, take my word that I am doing this here so I can get at least some journalling done today.

   I stayed up until a little after midnight with my computer.

   The USB ports on the front of the tower came loose, so I had to tear the tower down to get at it. While I was in there, I checked out the SATA HDD physically. It looked fine to me – no different than when I installed it. So I went to start it back up (I didn’t put the panels back on it ; just in case it might have been a heat issue) and still it hung up. I booted it from an external HDD (my old IDE that I had when I first installed the SATA) and while it was slow (a 32bit version doesn’t run as well or as fast but it runs without problems, so long as I am patient – I keep a copy of Don DeLillo’s ‘White Noise’ while I am waiting for my computer to boot or when I am bored) it did work. That made me feel better.

   So, I tried the SATA boot again, and it still didn’t work. I got the command prompt and tried fdsk, but that didn’t fix it either (and that function is intuitive enough that I don’t have to be smart).

   I tried the Ubuntu LiveCD boot and that worked and tried to use that to partition the SATA so I put the bad sectors on one part and a new install on the other part, but it wouldn’t install because there was an error with the partition table that it could not fix. I don’t have a copy of GParted, otherwise I would have used it.

   So, instead, I copied and pasted my important files and my Thunderbird profile onto the external. And then I will burn me an 64bit version of Ubuntu 9.04 (it just came out a couple of days ago, I think) and then I will do a whole new install on the SATA.

   I think all of it happened when I had it on during one of the power outtages – and maybe when it shut down it caused a problem by not writing to the drive properly. I can’t be sure and I might be wrong (I’m very likely wrong) but it gives me as good an opportunity as anything to install Ubuntu 9.04 and see how that runs.

   So, I will be out of a computer for at least another couple of days – between the need for an install and then having to set it all up the way that I like it ; the video card setup can be such a bitch with Ubuntu. Maybe 9.04 fixes that.

   Wish me luck.

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