Linux is not just for Geeks anymore

It’s not quite morning yet. I will get some sleep tonight. I promise.

But I do have a few more things to say before I go to bed.

I like my computer again. Actually, she seems a bit faster than before, which leads me to believe that it is entirely possible that I might have rushed the first install just to get it working.

Ubuntu will rule the world. I expect that everyone should be using a dual boot of Windows and Ubuntu. I mean it. This version, 9.04, is the easiest thing in the world to setup. The overall install took a while, but it was all done from a single burn of 700MB onto a CD-R and away I went. When I visited wordpress, it prompted me to install all of the missing plugins ( even the naughty ones that I really shouldn’t have if I really support the whole opensource thing ).

So, because Ubuntu is free, I am going to go to their website and buy some swag and support the cause.

Do you realize that you can even get them to mail you a free (and very pretty) copy of their CD? Free! Oh, there is an option for you to have to pay a token fee, if you want 20 or more. But, you can get an operating system mailed to you for free. Does Billy do that for you? I think not.

So, for those of you who visit this journal – yes, I am referring to all three of you – please go here and download a copy and buy some swag and support a good cause.

Ubuntu Swag

Linux – it’s not just for geeks anymore.

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