I’ve been away for a while and I think I am back now.
My job has left me with little time to write. I do sneak into the bathroom at work and jot notes into my Moleskin, but that’s not really writing. Just a way of coping with stress is all.

I have done two things tonight with my computer.
One, was with my computer. I wanted to hype Ubuntu and I wanted to hype Rythymbox the Music player but I don’t think I did a good job.
I would want to tell any Ubuntu user that Amarok has a prettier interface, but for functionality, to use anything else other than Rythymbox would be foolish. I fluttered about with Amarok for a week or more trying to get it to work with my cheap-ass but truly awesome Sansa View player (bought at Warehouse Direct for something like 60$ ; and it’s 8GB and it can play video as well). I loaded up Rythymbox and it stared at me like it wanted to say, “You idiot, why didn’t you pick me in the first place? Because you didn’t want to be seen with me at the Prom? Get over it, I ain’t pretty, but Lord, what I can do for you.”
And, when I did that, I tried to do a recording of my desktop to show how cool it is when it goes all cubey and flits back and forth between workspaces and how I have a cool flame effect because of Ubuntu Satanic, but I don’t think it worked too well. I’ll try to embed the video of the screen capture here and see if it works.
(note – okay, so now I have a Youtube account ; had to in order to get this to work)

And the other one was an idea I had for a story about a superhero whose arch enemy comes back from the dead to have his final revenge. The hero is a Canadian ninja who has shurikens shaped like maple leafs.
Yeah, it’ll probably go nowhere, but it is as much as I’ve written in two months.
I’ve attached it here, too, for you to have a gander at.

The Maple Ninja

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