Twilight Author Stephanie Meyer accused of plagarism

I have never been a fan of Twilight.
Never have. Never will.
When it came to my dislike of Harold Potter (he’s too old to be called Harry anymore, I agree with the soundbite from that new movie with Adam Sandler that has just been released – the one that has Seth Rogen in it) I at least read enough of the series to build up a reasonable dislike.
She is gifted in her art of telling backstory, but as the series wore on, editors grew wary of editing her work, leaving it so that the novels got to be too long for the story they were trying to tell. I stopped reading after the 3rd novel, The Prisoner of Azkaban. And I haven’t watched a one of the movies. Though, I do recall watching a snippet of a Quidditch match on the Sci-Fi channel.
Twilight. I refuse. The whole damned thing, I refuse.
Anne Rice dolled up the vampire a bit, I admit, making them an androgynous night fiend that looked gorgeous all the time. I like her vampires. I really did. Right up until the one where Lestat bit the neck of Christ, or some such shit. The other ones? I really enjoyed them. They were not overly wordy and they entertained the hell out of me. It was sincerely a different treatment for a vampire and it became the standard to which all other goths worshipped.
And you know why I refused? And perhaps it is second hand information that I neglected to follow up on, but if I can find the interview I will link it here, but she was outrageous enough to tell people in an interview that it all came to her in a fucking dream. A dream. So, in other words, she wrote it in her fucking sleep.
So, all of the other writers out there, and I don’t mean me, I mean the poor people that schlep their way through deadend jobs, writing day and night, submitting once a month to whomever would read their work, in the hopes that their work might see print and a select group of people might enjoy what they wrote. These are the writers that would kill to just write for a living, not to make millions and have them made into movies.
Stephanie Meyer talked about it like it was some kind of divine lottery, that she fell asleep one day and a novel popped into her head. All she did was act as a stenographer.

Do I believe that she plagarized? Watch how this pans out and we’ll all see. But I won’t be surprised if it turns out that, if at the very least she didn’t plagarize, it is not completely all of her work.

Here is the link


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