Count me the days since my last post.

I’ve been busy. Working and living, mostly.
And, while I have written some, I’m not going to post any of it. I mean, I will. But I’m shameless. I want someone to ask me for it.

But, what I will post for you is a little spreadsheet I wrote that creates silly Facebook updates, as per the current trend of karate chopping, etc.

There might already be such a monster out there, but I didn’t find it (though, mind you, I didn’t look very long)

UPDATE! If anyone wants it, I’ll have to email the damned thing because it won’t upload. Oh, if only I were some kind of HTML or Flash expert, I could make it work. Anyone out there who is can be welcome to my little stupid spreadsheet.

Oh, by the way, it’s an Open Office Spreadsheet that I saved as .xls. So, with me being a windows user at work and an open source fellow at home, I can’t say for certain for those of you who are windows users all around, whether or not this will work for you.
If it doesn’t, I’ll rewrite it as a .xls file when I go back to work on Monday.


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