The Trial of The Knights

The soldiers arrested the knight at breakfast. He hadn’t even had so much as a cup of tea before one of them put the tip of a broadsword to his throat and announce that he was under arrest.
As he and twelve other knights are locked up in The King’s Tower, vignettes about a significant adventure undertaken by each of them, each adventure having a single common thread that is woven to let the reader understand about why the knights might have been arrested. Common characters, places, situations. What it also does is serve to create a fantasy setting.
All thirteen are put up on the stand and are questioned. The inquisitor’s questions are the same ones that a reader should have asked themselves as they read the vignettes. The inquisitor will act as the voice of the reader and you could cheat a little bit and make them the voice of the writer as well.
The trial can end with dubious results. They all count be found innocent of their crimes but punished nonetheless – perhaps they did nothing more wrong than fail at a single, common task. But another thread for the story could be a love story – that he King put the knights all on trial because of his love for a woman that he could not have ; she was in love with a knight who could not return her feelings because of the vows he took when he became a knight and she in turn took a vow of chastity. The whole story can end in her chambers, where the king is telling her the results of the trial, and that her knight is not worthy of her love and that it is him, the king ,that she should be with. But when she does not relinquish her vows, the king gets angry and is just about to rape her when the knight comes in, the two do battle, and the king is killed.
Now, the knight truly is guilty. And he will be put the trial, found guilty, and he will be killed. The woman wants to run away with him and serve him chastely, if only to have him live. But he won’t do it because of his vows. His personal trial is nowhere near as long as the one above and he is killed.

This is just an idea for a fantasy novel that I had. I’ve just finished a book on Templar history and some of this parallels what I read in that. I have other books on medieval history I’ve read. Lots of them about the knighthood. I did a long, special project for it when I was in high school. Dressed up as a knight, carried a sword, and did a presentation in front of a class of students. I’ve continued to read and write notes about knights and knighthood ever since. But for all of the history I’ve read, if I were to follow through with the idea I listed up there, it would not have an historical backdrop. I would write it after creating an entire fantasy world from scratch. But that’s what I would do.
I wrote this idea out someone else. Everyone else. You can take it and do with it what you will. Change it, ignore it, make fun of it. You can make it an historical romance, a science fiction romance, a fantasy romance. Change the knight to a police officer or maybe the member of a mafia family. It’s all yours. My gift to you.

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