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The Honda building in Markham? Yeah, the letter ‘D’ is out now. Wanted to take a picture when I was driving, but thought I might almost crash again. I have promised myself to limit my distractions when I’m driving to developing my singing voice by singing along with the radio, dancing in my seat like I know what I’m doing, and jotting down story ideas and snippets of dialogue. I started taking pictures but they came out blurry. I want to do the ‘D’ justice.

I’m almost finished my 2006 Camaro 1/25 scale model. The Hobby and Game show was kinda a bust. I got to talk with the only table of scale modellers, and everything else, I hate to say it, seemed like it may as well have been at a flea market. Oh, shouldn’t say that. There was a booth manned by two guys that seemed like they owned their own comic store and actually liked comics! The guys at the scale modelling table were exceptionally cool, giving me as much free stuff as I could carry (I was carrying a manilla folder with directions to the show, a 2$ off coupon, and notes of things I wanted). But the stuff I wanted I had to shop elsewhere. I bought some detailing stuff online. Dashboard and interior details and some metal finish that you can put on like a decal when you are doing chrome details. I want this Camaro to look amazing. Next one is either a 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Street (that I am considering making look real beat up ; even going so far as to make a rear quarter panel look dented) or doing a Firechicken Trans-Am (the Smoky and the Bandit one ; yeah. THAT one).

I re-signed up for critters and wrote my first critique in over two years. Two years. I promised the moderator that I would do 1 a week for a month before I do my first submission. None of it is for money, but it is read by dedicated readers who give good feedback. It’s kind of like being in a writer’s group without the meeting in bar. I mean, writer’s should meet in a bar, the more often the better, but we all end up talking shit and writing nothing. But the talks are good. But the writing doesn’t happen because you jinx a story if you talk about it before it’s in it’s final draft.
For the curious, here you go. And, for the record, it’s awesome. And not just because I’m a member.

I finished a story. It’s around 3 500 words and it’s 1/3rd of a larger story. No, I’m not going to tell you about it. I will tell you about it when it’s in it’s final draft.
And it’s outlined and everything, so I can pick it up where-ever I want in the story, and write it out, and then refer to the index in my notebook that is cross referenced with my outline and…. you really don’t want to know this, do you? Suffice to say, I got my shit together for this one, folks.
I’m combining what has become an obsessive desire to organize with my desire to write and creating a monster who runs on ink and paper of any given size.

I’ve done some online things lately, signing up and buying things. The first of them asked my what company I was with. I didn’t want to put my day job, so I made one up.
Four Beans Creative.
Rob Rinne, Chief Creator.

I think I might get that made into a business card.

Despite some changes of late in where it is I am working, I gotta tell you, it’s turned out to be quite the trip. Every day is an adventure, every paycheque a fortune.

And, lastly, that little raccoon from a while back, the one that kept on trundling down the road. I may not be much of a religious person (more of a humanist, now that I’ve studied on it more – I dislike the term atheist ; that tells people more of what I don’t believe in than what I do believe in) but I take lessons where I can get them. Thanks, little raccoon.

Thanks for reading,

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