Good News

My wife just got back from her ultrasound appointment.

Our boy – whose name we have just picked but must remain a secret – is around 7 pounds, plus or minus 10%, he is facedown, his head below her belly button, his feet and butt tucked up under her breasts, and I think he is facing to my wife’s left.

We’ll know more after the OB appointment tomorrow, but the boy might be coming early.

If so, he will be the first Rinne who has ever been on time for anything.

As a side note, does any one of the 6 people that read this know where I can get some easy to use mixing software so I can cut and paste MP3s?
I’ve bought a digital recorder that records as MP3s and I was thinking to creating a single recording made up of my voice and Creative Commons music. Call it “Roadbloggings”.
Need the software first, though.

Because, folks, once my boy gets here, there’s not going to be time for much else.

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