Overcast Days

I spent the better part of my afternoon outside. I intended to cut my overgrown lawn – there were parts where the grass went higher than my knees – but spent the first part of it watching my daughter play with her scooter and then her bike. We’ve had the bike for a while – a gift from an aunt- and before today I thought it would be too big for her. Today, she looked all too big on it.
The overcast sky did not put a dull on things. The warm temperature felt like a pleasant change from the usual and the humidity was a welcome change to the frostbitten air that has come to be all too prevalent. My daughter enjoyed the day thoroughly and so did I. What I was thought about though, was the UV index. I couldn’t be sure what it was – although with a little bit of searching I’m sure that my Blackberry would have an application for me to monitor it – but with the sun not being out, I’m sure it would be low. That made me feel good. That my daughter and I were having a good time and I wasn’t putting her health at risk. After she went inside for her lunch and her afternoon nap, I went back to mowing the lawn.
I started to wonder, though, if this would be the world my grandchildren would grow up in. Where they would hide from the winter because it got too cold and where they would hide from the sun because it got too hot, and that the best days would be the ones that looked like rain. I thought about Vitamin D deficiency and pale skinned people coming out of large house cramped onto small lots. I wondered if people would make themselves look pale and take on the characteristics of people afflicted with rickets and consider themselves fashionable.
Turned out that it didn’t take an overcast day to put a dull on things. All it took was a little bit of imagination on my part.
I’m not any kind of fatalist, if that’s what you’re thinking. My mind started to wander because, well, my mind wanders. It’s why I’ve always liked to write. And, in this instance, what I’m not telling you is that I needed a setting with some depth to it – a pre apocalyptic setting, if you will (post apocalyptic has been done to hell and back) and I think I managed to get it.
I also needed something to write about because I promised myself that I would.

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