I’ve read the Wikipedia definition of fear. Here it is copied and pasted.

In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger and flee from it or confront it

I thought of my own definition of it today. Can it also be defined as not having faith in what is rational?
For example, if you were to restore a classic car. You didn’t have a plan. You just decided to tear it down and then build it back up again. Sitting in the driveway it looks simply amazing. Everyone tells you that it is amazing. You go out and call a classic car appraiser and he tells you how much it’s worth just sitting there. Let’s say it’s a staggering amount. It looks like you have done a fantastic job.
But you won’t start it. There’s more work to be done, you tell people. The exhaust isn’t perfect. It works. There’s nothing not working. It just needs to be re done. And when the exhaust is done, then maybe new rims are needed. Then, maybe find new tires. Tires that you have to hunt for, because you want to be sure to get a bargain on them and to get the exact ones you need.
But you still won’t start it. You won’t because you are afraid. You are afraid that because of the way that it looks, because of how it was appraised, that maybe something is wrong with it that you can’t fix. And then you’re a failure.
It’s easier to keep working on it. It’s easier to call it a work in progress. Besides, without a plan in the first place, without landmarks in the plan to show you how far you’ve come, you’ll never know you are done in the first place. And that could be a fear, too. Because when you are done that project, you’ll have to start another one. and if you do, it will have to be better than the one before and you aren’t sure if you can make it better so what’s the point in starting in the first place.
You don’t have the faith in the project because you invested your time and nothing of yourself. And you are afraid that if you start the car, that you might start to wonder whether or not you had anything worth investing in the first place.

In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger and flee from it or confront it

I guess when you use the Wiki definition, danger is a broad term. Sometimes, what is rational is a danger to how people perceive their world.

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