I dreamed about an iPad

This dream is from the night before. I intended to write this last night but I had to go to bed early.
In the dream I walked by a dumpster and saw a shiny rectangle. I took it out of the dumpster, brushed it off, and discovered that it was an iPad. I turned it on and found out who the owner was. I carried it around with me all day – in the dream, apparently my job was to go from coffee shop to coffee shop, reading a paperback and writing in my notebook. I carried a real notebook, made from paper and everything, and I wrote with a pen, the same pen I carry around with me every day.
I got home and wondered not if I could hack it to make it mine, but to find out who the owner was. I came up empty. I considered putting it away in the basement with my other discarded electronics while I went through that day’s newspaper. In Keswick and Newmarket, the local papers are an excellent snapshot of information. Thursday’s newspapers are exceptionally excellent, because that one has all of the flyers. I took my time to go through the want ads to see if there was anything good for sale that I might consider buying. What I found was an ad for someone who had lost an iPad and would pay $500 reward to whoever returned it to them. I called them up, and negotiated a reward of $1 000 from them, telling them that I saw it in a dumpster the other day but I wasn’t sure, but for the right money I could go back and check.
The iPad owner paid me in cash and I remembered, when I went to go and drop it off, that the owner was a female and she owned a very nice dog.
And, with the money that she gave me I went out and bought two Blackberry Playbooks – one for me and one for my wife.
I thought it was weird that my dream self was above wiping out the iPad and taking it for myself, but didn’t think twice about extorting the owner of the iPad so I could buy me and my wife two Blackberry Playbooks.

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