This is something I wrote using my Blackberry smartphone – a first for me. Never done it before. Bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my Playbook with thoughts of doing it, only to find out that I can use Blackberry Bridge to turn my smartphone into a keyboard for my Playbook. How sweet is that!
All that being said, the tid bit below was typed feverishly while my wife and daughter played at the Midway in Niagara Falls and I pushed our boy around in his stroller.

Teneesha has worked as the front desk greeter and cashier for the Arvo Station Wax Museum since the day after graduating high school. A summer job to save for a Master of Arts program in Ohio turned into a job that she worked at six days a week, three hundred and sixty four days a year. She got Christmas day off with pay.
“You can’t go to school to be a novelist,” her mother had said. They were in the Arvo House Russian Tea Room. Teneesha invited her mother to tell her the news. Her mother had been characteristically late and Teneesha spent the time waiting crafting a scene for a novel she started plotting that June.
“It’s something to do when you are older, more mature,” Teneesha’s mother continued. “And if you start this young, you need a career, something that can actually make you money. Because not everyone can be J.K. Rowling or that lady who wrote that ’50 Shades of Grey’.”
Teneesha went to work that afternoon with a mind to continue saving money, continue writing her stories, and start to think of what else she wanted to do with her life. Five years later, she rented a room in town, had about thirty thousand dollars in a savings account, fifteen, three inch thick three ring binders full of notes made on both sides of ruled paper, three and a half gigabytes collection of short stories and unfinished novels, nothing published, and felt no closer to what she wanted to do for a living than what she did after having tea with her mother five years before.
But she had Brenda.
Brenda who started as a dummy and slowly became a model. She kept a hash mark type score card on a dollar store flip notebook, and tallyed up how many people approached Brenda before approaching Teneesha.

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