A Tequila Drama

A friend of mine at work was travelling back from Mexico and we were BBMing back and forth. It so happened that I was on vacation with my family, but that didn’t bother me. I answer emails, phonecalls, and text messages while I am on vacation, although not as much as I would if I were merely home from work, but still more than some people consider is appropriate.
I’m lucky. My wife is incredibly understanding of stuff like that. Although, as I’ve stated before, I’m certain there are some days I’ve lived through only because she thought there would be too many witnesses to my being murdered by her. Likely with something rusty and dull, like an old spoon or something.
That being said, here is an example of how it is I visualize things. What follows is the BBM conversation after my friend told me he was in a car, sitting between two Mexicans, waiting to cross the border.
Bear in mind, that this is 0.1% of the BBMs and texts I receive. The rest of them, I swear, are work related.

Me: Now I have a narrow camera shot from the front seat of a small cab of you sandwiched between 2 mexicans. One of them is half asleep, the other is smoking a cheap, native mexican cigarette and blowing smoke out the window in a half hearted gesture of respect.

Me: You have an anxious look, wanting to ask a question but not sure how to play it.

Me: Raul, the one smoking, holds his smoke languidly and looks to you and smiles a smile full of long teeth and receeding gums.

Me: Your question dies and the car inches closer to the border.

Me: Fuck, I should write movies.

Him: You know I’m reading this to them

Him: And we are next to see the man

Me: I’m nothing without an audience. I hope they like it.

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