My reasons not to write

TL:DR – I find many reasons not to write, but I’ve found one motivation to write, in the form of a font called vt corona font

I can come up with hundreds of reasons not to write. Even when the perfect – or at least ideal – opportunity presents itself.

I have to write in the right note book. A9 formatted notebook. NOT and A19. They may LOOK the same but they AREN’T the same. Don’t test me on this. I’ve already been through it with my wife. She doesn’t quite get it, but she loves me and that’s all that matters.

I have to write with the proper pen. It either has to be a Shaeffer Sentinel with the Shaeffer ink that comes with it or it has to be Fisher Space Pen Ink in blue, which can be inserted into any pen at all, except a Shaeffer Sentinel. Don’t ask me why.

I need to have my lined page, Moleskin pocket notebook with me at all times. At all times. Yes, I had it in the inside pocket at my wedding. Yes, I had it in my front left pocket at the birth of both my children. Don’t judge me. I need the notebook because I will write notes at the stupidest, most inappropriate times. I’ve gotten used to the looks.

I am very particular about my keyboards when using a computer. Very particular. I will shop for keyboards on a whim but rarely buy one. I go to computer stores and type ‘the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’ or whatever other pangram that comes to mind (I kinda like ‘pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs’) just to see what the action of the keys are like. The old school IBM Thinkpads, I think, have the best keyboards. Although, the IBM Thinkpad I’m using now, not the highest end, Intel Core i3, has some good action. Plus, it has the red dot mouse control in the centre of the keyboard that I really, really love. I don’t like the Asus Ultrabook keyboard. It feels too, I dunno, aluminy, for my liking. Like the tips of my fingers are tapping on a pop can. Yech. I haven’t given the Asus EEEPad Transformer Prime a go yet. I love the machine itself, but the keyboard will make or break it for me.

I am grumpy when it comes to my attention. I can read a book or write a story, sitting on a stool at a crowded bar, with the music blaring and people yelling their conversations all around me but I cannot do either if someone is trying to get my attention. Ever see “Finding Neverland”? When J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) and his wife go to their separate rooms, and when J.M. opens his door, it’s a room filled with magic and delight? That’s kinda what writing is for me. It opens a door to a magical place and I walk into it very, very slowly, savouring every step because it is so intoxicating. And, once I’m there, enjoying the cool grass and the warm sun, watching the pixies play tag with the dragons while mounted on the backs of wyverns, and someone calls me for something, I have to run back to the door and slam it shit behind me. Yeah. It makes me grumpy. Sorry about that, anyone who’s ever interrupted me when I was reading or writing. That comes close to how it is I feel. And, once the door to that room is shut, I don’t want to open it again until I know I can leave when want to and not when someone makes me.
I do have a porthole into that room. It’s my 32GB USB key. I have it with me always and it is full of almost all of my works in progress and journal notes and story notes. Yeah, I’ve got a 50GB Google Drive and a 3GB Dropbox, but those both require an internet connection to be attached to clouds like that. I prefer to have my key on me, so I can go back and look at what I have done and maybe revisit it, if only for a short while. As I was going through it the other day, I came across a font that made me want to write.

VT Corona.
I installed it on my computer and because it looked like a typewriter, it made me want to write. That font combined with my notebook and Shaeffer Sentinel parked next to my IBM Thinkpad made me want to write, and did it ever feel good!

So, everyone has got their own little red wagon to pull, and my suggestion is, if you’re a writer, google yourself this font or follow the link at the TL;DR at the top of the page, and install it and see what you think. If it doesn’t work or it’s virus riddled, shoot me an email or send me a comment and I will email it to you.

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