A Disturbing Find in my “Work in Progress” folder, my friend Steve Walsh might get a kick out of this…

An abandoned house in the middle of the field

I use Dropbox for my cloud account. Works best for me because it’s cross platform, works with Linux and Windows. I also have it on my Blackberry Curve and my new 64GB Blackberry Playbook. It’s 3GB but it’s awesome. I can start a story on my phone, review it on my tablet, edit it on either my laptop (Windows) or my desktop (Ubuntu Linux).
Simply marvelous.
I took files from my travelling USB key and uploaded them to Dropbox, loading those ones I queued for review and for rewriting. Found one file with no file name, simply the first line of the work. So I opened it, read it, then immediately checked to see if the file originated with me or if it was something I was reviewing for someone else.
It didn’t read like anything I would write. I enjoy crime fiction in all it’s forms. I enjoy writing it, too. But this one was outside of anything I’ve written before. I kinda like it. I have no idea where to go with it.
It’s actually a scrap of a screenplay. I don’t usually write screenplays. I’ve written 2, and both were bad. I had visions of working with a friend of mine to make short movies. I thought of myself as a Canadian Kevin Smith.
So, here it is. Another unfinished piece of work for you guys to read.

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