I was mistaken. I have tried a screenplay two times.

Opening Scene of a Movie

More stuff I don’t remember writing.
Anyone remember Livejournal? Apparently, I had a blog there.
They sent me an email, asking me if I wanted to keep it active. And, because I am an attention whore, I said yes and then went back to see what it was I had posted.
The last post was 2006.
And, of those last posts, I saw that for some reason, I elected to use the journal entry to start a screenplay.
I copied and pasted it into a Word document, formatted it, used my oh-so-fancy VT Corona font to make it look like I got my shit together because I’m keeping it real by using a typewriter (I have used a typewriter, for the record, and I used a quite a bit. But I was nine or ten and it was before I got my first Commodore 64).
This one I don’t remember writing either, but it does explain why in my archives of photos I keep why I have a black and white picture of a 1978 Ford Thunderbird.
And I thought I had a good memory.
Anyway, more unfinished works.

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