The moon should be colonized and used as the seat of world government.

One Last Time

I imagined at one time that the world should be unified under one government and the moon should serve as the base. Not only that, but I imagined that the moon should serve as being the base of all communications for the planet.
If we use the side that only faces the Earth, then it would not be as subject to the solar interruptions caused by eruptions on the sun. All we would have on Earth are ‘receivers’ and everything would be controlled by the moon.
Then I imagined that there would be a team of old men who would use one of the ‘loopholes’ in the moonbase construction to launch a ship from the dark side of the moon and be able to be a day or two to Mars before anyone would be the wiser. This team old men would want to go back to Mars to complete a mission they started twenty five years before, but, for mysterious reasons, were never able to complete it.
Even now, that seems like a kind of cool idea. My execution, however, was poor. I imagined that the lunar prospectors who established the base on the moon did so in such a spot that created a communication blackout every 28 days. To me, that seems ridiculous. I should have thought of a better loophole. And all of my talk about computers in the story – I can see those workers parked in front of old school computer desktops, typing away at clackity clack keyboards and CRT monitors, when now, if I were to take the time to rewrite this, I can see them using every surface of the facility to accesss one enormous computer bank. It was a childish attempt at a pretty good story idea.
And, as is my practise, I ended it before it got good and did not make a single note about the story.
Another one for the pile.

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