Google History View

Operating on the available evidence, Google traffics in information. So long as information is required, and they make it their business to have it first, they will be in business a long time. I see them setting up shop on some large asteroid in the next hundred years or so.

And, in my vision, they creat Google History View. Where you can use a browser to click on anywhere on a map and choose what time of day, month or year and see whatever you want. At first they only have a hundred years back or so, and everyone assumes they’ve simply been saving images since they first started Google.

But my vision has them perfecting time travel and cloaking and they have Google vehicles that roam every point in time, living backwards in time, operating a kind of colony ship and they transmit information back to Google.
It’s an idea for a science fiction short story. Something has to go wrong, I need some good characters and I need a few sub plots, but it seems kind of cool.

My mind’s eye shows me a time travel rule that we have the past that we do because it is the best possible of all pasts, and that someone or some agency experiences or tracks or records all the possiblities and orchestrates the best possible one, no matter how tragic we may find it to be. i.e. It was terrible, but it could have been far worse, and if it weren’t for what was terrible, event X in the future may never have come to be.

Maybe my fictitious Google History View stumbles on this.

Maybe that’s the crisis.

But that means the future of Google History View should have been seen by these Chrono Engineers.

So where’s the crisis?

I’ve got no idea.

But it’s an idea, that’s for sure.

One thought on “Google History View

  1. They already have something like this where you can go look at England back in history. My Nephew in laws Dad was telling my Mom about it.

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