Character Sketch via BBM

Sometimes inspiration strikes me at the weirdest times.
And now that I’m writing more, my brain seems to be getting into gear more often and more quickly. I’m starting to remember how to do it. For me, it’s kinda like finding a toy you played with as a child.
So, here’s a char between me and my wife.
I kinda like it. What do you think?

Rob Rinne, *CA*Mell*CA*


She’s a bitch
The watch lady
Rob Rinne:
Bitchy Watch Lady?
Rob Rinne:
She’s made ’cause she went to school to be an engineer and an arts student knocked her up and now she’s got twins and is forced to work weekends as a Watch Lady in order to pay for an education she never completed.
Rob Rinne:
She’s texting with the boyfriend she’s cheating on her husband with. And he wants to party tonight but she can’t go because her husband has a hockey game and there’s no one to watch the twins.
Rob Rinne:
She can’t afford a baby sitter and her parents live in Winnepeg. Her husband’s parents are dead. They died in a plane crash and left him with a trust fund.
Rob Rinne:
But their finances are split, because her husband’s lawyer insisted on it. Part of the prenuptuial (sp?) agreement.
Rob Rinne:
And she’s more mad because her boyfriend is going out to a club and he’s younger than she is and if she isn’t there, she’s jealous he might hook up.
Rob Rinne:
She wants to make him guilty without pissing him off so much that he might cheat on her.
Rob Rinne:
That’s all I got.
Rob Rinne:
You good? Its been 10 minutes? Did you like it?
You have way to much time on your hands

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