A morbid idea about how to make suicidal people government employees

In the days of the Roman Empire, you could apply to the senate to commit suicide. So long as you weren’t already property of the state – a senator or soldier or slave – they would hear your case and decide if it was valid.
Once they validated it, you were issued an amount of hemlock sufficient to kill yourself and you had an set time to do it.
Flash forward to my fictional world.
In my world, you can do much the same thing. The government declares you dead, your family and loved ones receive all the insurance and death benefits they are due. Only the government doesn’t kill you. They own you. And they can do whatever they want with you.
They can do experimental drug trials, they can sell you for parts, give away your organs, put you on kamikaze missions, turn you into a human bomb, pimp you out for sex, breed you like animals. Anything they want.
And my character is the kamikaze type. But he’s been on dozens of missions and has always managed to make it out alive. And now he starts to wonder about destiny and if he wasn’t meant for something more. He doesn’t want to die any more, he wants to find out why he’s still alive. But the government won’t release gimme because he’s already dead, part of the Corpse Corporation of soldiers, the walking dead.
So, now my issue is:

A) Do I write a stand-along short story about this? That would be interesting.

B) Should I incorporate this character into my current zombie/vampire story? I think this would be more interesting. Reason being, it would let me incorporate the literary tool of ‘mirroring’ or creating a foil. For example, a figuratively living dead man being sent to kill an army of the literal living men.

Thought I should record this somewhere before I forget the idea.

Comments would really, really be appreciated. At any rate, it would be wonderful source of motivation and – not to put too fine a point on it – some motivation would do me a world of good.

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