Didn’t Write Tonight

….and it’s not because of me playing with my new phone. Mind you, I am blogging from it right now, but just to see how well I can type on it. Better than I thought, actually.

I like the Windows phone. Not alot of flash, just a practical and useful phone. I got the Nokia 1020 because of the 41 mega pixel camera, because I figure whatever happens, I’ve got a really powerful camera that connects to the internet.

WordPress, though, needs to get a Windows phone app. This browser based blogging is for the birds.

One cool thing I do like is OneNote. I keep notes on all of my devices but really only write on my laptop. OneNote lets me take notes in whatever form I like and then access them when I need them. Before, I’d have an idea for a story that I’d need to scribble in a scrap piece if paper or in my notebook. And then I’d label the pages of my notebooks so I could find my ideas later when I eventually got around to starting the story.

Not gonna lie. I still am going to use my notebook and pen. I like using them too much, not to mention the horror story I lived through the last time I let my notetaking all go digital. That was a dark time. My Palm Pilot crashed and took at least 100K words with it. But now, I take my handwritten notes, take a picture of them when I get my hands on my phone or scan my notebook when I get home and I can copy and paste them into my OneNote.

Yes. I am one badass note monkey.

Okay. It seems that for someone who said he didn’t write tonight and that same someone said it wasn’t because of his new phone, perhaps that someone wasn’t quite honest with you or himself.

Maybe I was using it. Just a little. Good news is I can reschedule my writing on my Google Calendar using my phone.

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