At McDonald’s

I see a man coming out of the bathroom with a knapsack slung over one shoulder. He has a beard and he looks like he’s from the middle east. He looks like he’s walking weird for less than a second our eyes meet. I immediately think that something is either wrong or not right, one not being the same as the other. I tense up a little, sit a little straighter, mentally and physically preparing myself in case there is the remotest possibility he might cause a problem.

Then he comes into full view. I couldn’t see everything because the bench seats were in the way.

He’s walking funny because he is holding the hand of his toddling daughter who isn’t watching where she is going because she’s curious if every little thing going on outside of the restaurants big windows. She almost falls and he rights her by lifting her by her arm. She looks up and smiles at him, and he smiles right back.

And everything goes back to being right with the world




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