Yes, I judged someone on their looks

But he was wearing a ‘Tap Out’ T-shirt, had star tattoos on the back of both biceps, sipping from an extra large red bull, sucking on a e-cigarette, billowing pristine white plumes of smoke from his mouth and nose like he was announcing a new pope, standing in line at Tim Horton’s.

 I sensed he was giving me the stink eye as I stared at him, trying to soak him in and guess what kind of person he could be, but I couldn’t tell because of the dark, wraparound shades and glittery “Tap Out” hat – which is I guess is part of his whole image if he ever gets chosen to play Texas Hold ‘Em on TSN. I imagined him cursing me in his head as I stared at him, telling himself the most effective way to get back of me is to go online and start a practice round of Texas Hold ‘Em (where he’s in the top 10,000 in the free league, amateur status, but with all the emails he’s getting about free offers to play in other online leagues, he’s sure to move up a ranking in no time) and then once he’s there he’ll create a computer controlled avatar to play against and call him “Tim Horton’s Staring Guy” and give him a patchy six days growth of beard and a gut that tumbles over the waistline of his jeans.

But then, he could be a guy on disability with self image issues who volunteers at the local OSPCA, specializing in finding good homes for cats before they are euthanized and he just finished an allnighter at a suicide hotline where he was able to find help for a trans sexual tour guide after their breakup with what they were sure was their one true love.

Either way, I judged him and I feel both bad and good about it and I thought I would share.

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