It’s funny how things come together sometimes, isn’t it?

I have a copy of almost everything I’ve written in my whole life. It’s very likely that what I don’t have, I can find in my parent’s basement. Some of it is just blather, some of it is very cringeworthy, and a few select nuggets I have do dig into the metadata to confirm it’s something that originated with me – because those are ones that I enjoyed reading as if they were fresh and new stories from an author I would otherwise consider following. These are the nuggets that give me hope for the future.

If I can do it once, I say to myself, I can do it again. If only I can remember how I did it in the first place.

This entry is not about that. This entry is about one of those nuggets I really enjoyed.

I spent an evening sifting through old story ideas, looking for a writing prompt. Then I stumbled upon an old story about codes. I will attach it Codes.Unfinished.

I liked how it flowed and I liked the development. And you can tell how old it is when you read about the sweet hardware setup my character had on is laptop. I put it on a list to be rewritten two different ways. As if it were written so many years ago and putting it in the modern era. I started to make notes but the old doubts crept in, telling me that no one would buy the premise and it would be garbage.

Then I read this article today with my morning tea and it made me feel better, because my story is still valid, and worse, because the idea of doing this has been around at last for this long.

Just strikes me as funny, is all.

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