Everyone who loves scifi will love #Haphead

What I have always admired about Jim is his fearlessness. What I have come to enjoy a great deal is his work.
Haphead is an idea of his, made real by an amazing production team.
It is a dystopia that he wants you to live in, not tear down. This first season immerses you in that world and you finish it wanting to see what happens next. The actors are committed to their roles. You can feel it when you watch it. I am not afraid to admit that I have a small crush on the protagonist. She’s gorgeous and gifted.
I’m focusing on Jim Munroe because he’s the one I can relate to. I knew him in high school.
Didn’t hang out with him but it was impossible not to know who he was. I think he was seven or eight feet tall and wore Doc Martins – which was what we did back in those days. I bought the tee shirt when he ran for student president. I want to say it was a silkscreened image created by Terry Lam o Marilyn Monroe.
Long after high school, when I read the Toronto Star article on him when “Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gas Mask” was published by HarperCollins, it made me jealous and proud all at the same time. Felt good to say ‘I know this guy’. I pimped him out large when I bought it at the bookstore.
After the deal with HarperCollins, he basically said ‘Fuck it, I can do this on my own.’
And he did.
He self published “Angry Young Spaceman”, then “Everyone In Silico.”
“Everyone in Silico” is particularly memorable because I managed to get my wife to go to Rancho Relaxo for the launch. I still have my signed copy. My wife still has the memory of the time I took her downtown that once to see that thing with the guy who wrote the novel.
It doesn’t take much time to finish that novel once you get it. The writing and the pacing and the setting make it a breeze to read and it also gives you a small pinhole into Jim’s brain, to let you see what he thinks the future is all about.
I also managed to catch him in Ottawa one time during the “Perpetual Motion Roadshow”. It took place in the restaurant of the Embassy Suites. He did a presentation where he recorded a walk through the city in ‘Grand Theft Auto’. I don’t think it was a recording of him playing the game. Just his characters walk through the city, seeing what there was to see. I thought it to be genius.
His next work, “An Opening Act Of Unspeakable Evil” was a bit of a departure because it went from a novel to a graphic novel, both of which were superb. I didn’t ever go to any shows for that one, but I do remember reading it and believing it was entirely possible to turn into a bird creature in response to the Rapture. Seriously, do yourself a favour and read it.
I could go on and on about his work, but you can check it out for yourself at his site. http://nomediakings.org/
From there, you can go and see for yourself what Haphead is all about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7QPkgzXpc8

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