53 year old man about to be evicted…

I totally stole this from Reddit. Link is here –> http://i.imgur.com/xoT1Zdg.jpg


And here is the context, taken from the comments section.

Not if you live in Spain. This picture was taken by Andrés González Manzano, a partially disabled 53-year-old man who was about to be evicted after the rent-controlled flat he was living it was bought from the local government by an investment group and he couldn’t find a job to keep paying rent.

The reason why the police was in riot gear is because this man was supported by one the groups that opposes the huge amount of evictions that have happened since the crisis wiped out millions of jobs and stopped people from paying rent or their mortgages, so they expected resistance. Nothing serious, mind you; at worst, some people were barricading themselves inside their homes and refusing to leave. But the powers-that-be do not like any kind of protest, so riot units (which in this country full of politicans scared of their own citizens had already become a common presence in demonstrations) were increasingly sent whenever they smelled even a little bit of trouble.

The amount of evictions have been so large, and the attitude of the people responsible for them (banks, politicians, police) so ruthless, that this was a very big debate in Spain for a while. Sure, if you don’t pay you shouldn’t be entitled to keep your house, but when thousands of people lose their homes because they can’t find a job due to a crisis that was by and large caused by the banks that are evicting them, then something is definitely wrong. Things are changing, though. The leader of one of these anti-eviction groups is now the Mayor of Barcelona, and the new Mayor of Madrid has also taken measures to avoid any more evictions.

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