Buried Treasure On My Phone

No. This does not count towards NaNoWriMo.

But it’s still pretty neat.

I have a Windowsphone – Lumia 950XL – I am very partial to. It works as a phone and when I get home, it’s my laptop (that is only a recent development, mind you). Additionally I have a Microsoft smartwatch paired to it – Microsoft Band 2. Between those two items, I manage most of my day. What I need now is a Surface 4 or a Surface laptop, and I will be good to go.

But this is not about all that. This is about what I found on my phone when taking pictures off of it for work.

Now, I know it’s my document. I checked.


And I had to read it several times because I do not remember writing it. It sounds good. Better than good. Sounds like another novel, actually. Why the female lead had white hair and violet eyes I can only attribute to looking at too many Cosplay girls.

Thinking back on it now, the notes here suggest I was strongly influenced by Harry Crews’s “Celebration” – a seriously good novel by a seriously under-rated author. I may have to re-read it (or maybe get the audio book – my crush on Kate Mulgrew is almost up).

Vastly successful business owner divorces his wife. No kids. It was a business venture. When he was married, she kept him happy and made him look good. They shook hands and parted ways and it didn’t really matter to him.

Now he has no idea what to do.

He sets himself up in his own little bachelor pad. And it’s the ultimate bachelor pad. His pad. All of the things that he loves is all in one place. Pool table. Computers. Video games. Excellent little bar. Even has beer on tap. He has a custom kitchen built and he starts inviting all of his friends over for parties and he ends up being the chef for all of them. He ends up having a great time cooking. He decides to get a job.

He applies for a line cook job at a café in a small trendy town. To my mind, it’s something like Cookstown or maybe King city.

I remember that he found the place by accident. It was winter and he went into a snowbank and when he tried to get signal to make a call, he dropped the phone in the snow. He walks until he finds a nice clean place and he asks for a large bowl of uncooked rice and a cup of coffee. A pretty girl with short, white hair serves him and he likes her at first sight. I want to say she had violet eyes.

He gets the job and starts to work and parties less with his friends. He works lot of hours and makes some new friends. He ends up going to an after work party he was invited to and has a good time. There’s a pool, there’s food, there’s booze and lots of people. He bumps into the girl again with the short white hair and they start to kiss. A lot. As things get hot and heavy (and this part, this dialogue, I remember really well).

“How old are you?” she askes him.

“Forty five,” he answers.

“How old do you think I am?”

“I don’t know. Twenty six?”

“Twenty five, actually. Today is my birthday. And we are partying at my parent’s house.”

They decide just to be friends.

“Running friends,” she tells him. And her friends start to laugh.

“Why running friends?” He’s thinking now he has to buy a jogging outfit.

“Because when I call, you better come running,” she answers and all her friends start to laugh. He almost asks why he would want to come running and then he thinks better of it. She wants to be that kind of friend. But I think he has a real interest in her because as their friendship develops and he becomes a better chef. He talks about his vasectomy.

“I’ve got enough money,” he tells her. “I can get it reversed.”

“I want more kids,” she says. “But do you want more kids? Why would you get a vasectomy if you don’t have any kids? It must mean you don’t want kids.”

“I didn’t want kids with my wife. That’s why I got it.”

And then there’s another scene with him piggy packing a mulatto child that is hers. He’s babysitting while she is finishing her shift. He got dropped off by a babysitter and her parents aren’t available. She never mentioned a child before and he seems okay with it. They whole time they are spending time it never comes up. She’s always managed to keep him out of the way. The boy is pretty clever, too. He won’t even give up his real name. So our hero decides to call him “Cool”.

The dream ended after that. But I think that’s the makings of a pretty good story.

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