Our Age Of Trust

I’m still writing.

I just stopped posting about writing. I’ve averaged about 168 words a day this year to date, but over 600 a day for June, absolutely slaughtering the target I set. I’ve been lucky enough, too, to make contact with another writer and now we have a writer’s group of two going on, which is exciting.

But I find I miss blogging every day. So, I will blog a thought now, if only to share. I don’t know if I’ve overheard this or read this and the reason I say that is because it came to me fully formed, like Athena from Zeus. So much so, that I am hesitant to say it’s my idea but I’ll share it anyway.

The Age of Trust

I’ve come to accept that logical is only a quarter of the equation. It can make perfect sense but if someone doesn’t feel “right” about it, then it’s doomed to fail.

We live now in The Age Of Trust and facts don’t matter. The Age of Truth is a long way off, a time where the facts of the matter prevail and you have the data to learn from your mistakes.

Such as it is now, in our Age Of Trust, if we get it wrong, we blame the person we put our trust in and not look at ourselves and ask why we were compelled to believe them in the first place.

I’m committed to building my own world of truth. I’ll ask questions and question the answers. I won’t stop until the narrative make sense.

I’ll criticize a movie for it’s plot holes yet won’t dig deep into the things that steer my life.

I won’t always get it right, but at least I’ll have the data to learn from my mistakes instead of blaming the person I trusted in the first place.

I will own my mistakes.

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