Why I Am Not An Atheist

*n.b. This is a repost from almost 5 years ago and it seems worthy of repeating*

Atheism is an exclusive school of thought. It excludes. It says what they don’t believe in.
I prefer Humanism. It is inclusive. It says they believe in human beings.
I am inclusive, too. This is what I believe.
I believe no one should ever attack anyone else’s belief system. Everyone is entitled to their own doctrine, even if it is demonstrably wrong.
I believe everyone has a thirst for wonder.
I believe nature is better at wonders than we are.
I believe everyone makes mistakes. To err is human.
I believe the way to reduce the mistakes is to remain skeptical.
I believe experiments reveal truth.
I believe that if I were to stand at the edge of a Focault pendulum, put the 500lb bob to my nose, and let it go, that when it swung back towards me, it would not hit me in the face.
I believe we should examine and correct and experiment to verify every hypothesis.
I believe there are no privileged frames of reference.
I believe no child should leave grade school without a complete understanding of “The Bullshit Detection Kit”.
I believe in Occam’s Razor.
I believe an agnostic is an atheist without the strength of his convictions.
I believe Jesus Christ to be an admirable, historical figure.
I believe the Sermon On The Mount is one of the greatest ethical statements and one of the greatest speeches in history.
I believe “Love thy neighbour” is a long shot solution to world peace.
I believe the world needs an inspiration.
I believe Jesus Christ was a great, brave man with insight’s into unpopular truths.
I believe Jesus Christ was just a man.

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