I’m going back to putting everything on USB keys . . .

This tweet has been on my mind lately.

Mostly because when I ready it back in 2016, I thought that was pretty insightful for him.

Then “Fire and Fury” and “Trump Revealed” demonstrated he didn’t really want to be, nor had any idea of what it was to be, President of The United States.

Now I read about “Cambridge Analytica” and how they make a living crafting governments for the highest bidder, the way that someone would hire a gardener to help grow a beautiful flower bed.

So, that makes me wonder – did The Man Who Did Not Want To Be President become President after being blackmailed by Cambridge Analytica, who in turn had been hired by someone who wanted to custom craft a government for the United States? Did that Tweet from Trump state that he knew how he was going to win because he was told the parameters of the venture?

My idea is not new – you need only Google “Cambridge Analytica” and sit down and be terrified at the implications of such an organization and how Facebook was tacitly complicit in making it happen. All those silly quizes and tests we take to see what our stripper name or what Lord Of The Rings character I am, are all subtle ways of getting my information and the information from all of the friends on my list?

I like conspiracies as much as the next person. But I like them because they are fun in their implications – that the United States staged the entire Space Program like a movie production in an effort to bankrupt the USSR, that all telemarketing calls for duct cleaning are made by a handful of people who can imitate accents and work as part of a global HVAC cartel. I don’t like conspiracies like the “Cambridge Analytica” whistleblowing because they are frighteningly plausible and even if they are real, they are disturbingly dismissable. I mean, they wouldn’t be in business for this long if they didn’t know how to cover their tracks. And if Snowden was as deep as he claims to have been, then why didn’t he tell us about this? Good Lord, can I even trust my Google Drive anymore?

Am I putting everything on USB keys again?

UPDATE — Looks like Cambridge Analytica is pretty hardcore. They managed the whole digital campaign? Sounds a bit far fetched and may be the guy being recorded is making a sales pitch and not exactly copping to anything, but the implications are horrendous.


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