A Word About Geese

I stole my story about geese from a tale from history.

We have a pair of geese nesting outside the front entranceway at work and the male goose attacks anyone who comes near. We all complain about it, laugh about it, watch anxiously as some unsuspecting stranger tries to come in the front door, but when they go, I think we will all be a little sad.

My boss told a very short story about how back before Rome was Rome, they were camped out across from an enemy who attempted a sneak attack. The attack was foiled by a flock of geese who started honking when the enemy advanced. You can totally see how I stole it. If I rewrite it, I will do it from the point of view of Lythande. Three characters are two too many in a short story like that.

Here is the link to the real story about how some geese won a battle:



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