Focusing On The Core Muscles

I walk with my head down for so many reasons. I am afraid of making eye contact with people for fear they might acknowledge me (God forbid). I scroll through my phone, going through emails, but also checking Facebook or Twitter or Reddit to see if anything interesting came up, posted by people far more interesting and intelligent than me. Walking like this arches your spine, puts pressure on your back, and takes away from the strength in your core. I think this is why the guy who trains me starts every session with core exercises.

Wikipedia’s entry is excellent, but in summary, your core muscles are:

“traditionally assumed to originate most full-body functional movement, including most sports. In addition, the core determines to a large part a person’s posture. In all, the human anatomy is built to take force upon the bones and direct autonomic force, through various joints, in the desired direction. The core muscles align the spine, ribs, and pelvis of a person to resist a specific force, whether static or dynamic.”

With every exercise he tells me to push my chest out and tighten my core, no matter what I am working on. We tend to start out with the core at every session and then branch out in to whatever torture he planned for that day. He’s trained me to realize that you start with your core and then work on your other muscles.

At first, it hurt. Alot. Now that I think about it, I have been hunching over and looking at my feet as I walk for a long time, mostly when I am walking on my own, surrounded by any number of other human beings.

My core is stronger because of it. Today marked my second day of working out in the morning (on my own, not at the gym I go to on weeknights) and this morning, I feel like I am walking straighter. That’s impossible after only two workouts, but I reminded myself that it hasn’t been two workouts – I’ve been doing this for over a month now. The only change is that the last two sessions I did on my own.

So, yeah, I am walking straighter now because my core muscles are a stronger. But it’s more than that. I’m looking up because I’m feeling good.

And you know what? Looking up makes you feel better. Feeling better makes the problems of the day seem smaller. When the problems are smaller, the day is better. When the day is better, you’re happy. When you’re happy, life is so much easier. All because of a few, simple exercises every other day. To my mind, when I think about the core, it has so much more to do with the core of my body, but the core of who I am. It’s no wonder that the 7 chakras align with your core.

That’s the value of focusing on my core muscles.


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