Don’t be a writer, be writing

20180507 dontbeawriterbewriting

In five years, I want to earn an income as a writer.
To do that, I need to have work accepted to a publication that pays for fiction.
For that, my work must be acceptable.
So, I need to keep on writing and submitting, no matter what.

To keep writing and submitting, I need to feel good.
Not feeling good gives me an excuse not to write

I need to be healthy.
After my doctor told me that I needed to lose 40 lbs to be healthy, I found people who could help me lose the weight and keep it off.

138 days after I went to the doctor and 109 days after my first day of changing the way I do everything, I am much happier, much healthier, and I am writing at about 500 words a day.
I pace myself the same way I would on the treadmill or the weight bench. I measure myself the same way, too.

There is more to being a writer than just writing.

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