I promised myself to post once a day this month…


I promised myself that at the very least, I would post one motivational picture a day for the whole month of May.

That didn’t work out too well, did it?

I thought I would write every day in the month of May, too.

Not a single word so far this week.

I was sure I could make it six days out of seven to the gym. Didn’t pull that off this week, either.

Very discouraging, you would think. Yeah, me too.

But none of that means I can’t post from now until the end of the month. It doesn’t stop me from starting to write today. Furthermore, the gym isn’t going anywhere and there’s nothing stopping me from getting up and going.

So, it’s time to be a DO-ceratops. Get it? See the picture? It’s all tied together. I’m smart that way.

Mind you, I couldn’t rock that swimsuit the same way he does.







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