Beowulf Presley – Ninja Hunter

He is the adopted child of Audrey and Gabe Harris, a pair of circus performers who work at one of the last, classical carnivals in North America, called The Avalon Irregulars.

For twenty years, Gabe sent money every week to his childhood friend Sebbie to maintain a place in his hometown so that after he married Audrey and applied for adoption, the agency would find that the couple were well established in the community. Within hours of coming home from the hospital, Bey was on the road and stayed that way most of his life, earning his way across two countries with his parents.

By the time he was twenty one, his parents now owned the carnival and he managed it full tine. He could corral lions like the bravest animal tamer, could hurl knives blindfolded and avoid injuring darling damsels with laser accuracy, was able to throw his voice with the ablest of ventriloquists, could guess the ages of anyone with a year – their weight within a few pounds – and could convince the soundest skeptics he could see the future.

Being adopted never mattered to him. Working as part of a carnival where his mother was the bearded lady and she was married to “Shortest Man In the World”, being discriminated against for being a visual minority was hardly among his concerns. However, on his twenty first birthday, when he received a package wrapped in brown paper and bound with old twine, he couldn’t help be intrigued by the gilt framed picture it contained. The glossy headshot of Elvis Presley had two words written on it in thick, black Sharpie ink.

“Your Father”

The adventures to follow the receipt of that picture – not the least of which having to slay his two childhood friends, the lions, Romulus and Remus – were to exceed the hero for which he was named but it all started with the ninjas who burned down The Carnival Of The Avalon Irregulars.

  • I submitted a short story to “The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction” about a guy who framed his wife so he could sit and read this book (“Beowulf Presley – Ninja Hunter”) in peace and quiet. Bey doesn’t play a huge role in the story, but I think it would make a wicked short film. Maybe I should write the screenplay?

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