Fan Boy Stuff

Just a list of points in the order they occurred to me:

  1. I have not seen “Black Panther” yet, but I do own it, so it’s just a matter of time
  2. I have not seen “Infinity War” yet and I thank the internet for not spoiling it for me, but I realize that can only last for so long
  3. I want “Solo” to explore the history of the Star Wars Universe outside of the Skywalkers and I want to relevancy to be satisfying, not shoehorned in
  4. I don’t know much about Han Solo outside of the movies because I didn’t read many of the novels or expanded universe or any of the video games – I am a fan, I just don’t have that much time
  5. From “Solo”, I want to know:
    1. What was the reason – other than testing a normal human’s resilience to pain when being subjected to the carbon freezing process to make sure that Luke wouldn’t be killed by it – for Vader to torture Han. Was there a larger thing at play here?
    2. Does the fact he was carbon frozen have anything to do with a threat that Jabba made to him in the past?
    3. Do we get to see Jabba again? Is he the main antagonist or someone new? Mind you, I haven’t dissected nor read any of the dissections of the trailer that has come out.
    4. Will there be a way for R2D2 and C3P0 to make it into the movie? How would that even be possible? Unless he manages to meet Leia as a child, in a parallel of how Anakin and Padme met. Because it would have to be as a child, because R2 and Threepio were given to Leia’s father after Anakin turned.
  6. I like “The Last Jedi” because:
    1. It could not have ended any other way. Luke died the same way Ben did – saving the last bits of the rebellion to give a “New Hope”
    2. He’s the Last Jedi in the same sense that the Supreme Leader was the last Supreme Leader
      1. They cleverly used the line from history relating to the death of a king and the rise of the new one. “The King is dead. Long live The New King”.
    3. It was smart, dramatic, and engaging. It had layers to it that allows it to be enjoyed over and over and over again. It has a “Wizard Of Oz” quality to it that lets it be seen differently based on how you feel about it
  7. I will have to wait to see “Deadpool 2” when it comes out for sale
    1. No way I can see that with anyone in my family. They simply won’t like it. But my son is a big fan of the comics. I haven’t let him see the original movie yet.
    2. My secret plan is to be in good enough physical shape to be able to wear a Deadpool costume for Halloween. I have one picked out on that I want to buy
  8. I want the “The Fantastic Four” to be done right (third time is a charm):
    1. I think that somehow “Ant Man” and maybe “Doctor Strange” will give us a portal into the “Fantastic Four” universe, and that will be Phase 2 of the Marvel Universe. It will have to do more about money than anything, which makes me sad but I understand
    2. I want the movie arc to have to do with Doctor Doom being someone who has used the mystical powers like Doctor Strange to enchant a suit of armor like Iron Man’s and try to take over the world
  9. I want “Alpha Flight” to be made into a movie
    1. The first 16 issues of the original series is enough material to make a GREAT trilogy of movies. And it would give a chance to reboot Wolverine.
  10. This is the Golden Age of Geeks and Nerds
    1. All of the comics and things I enjoyed and had to keep to myself that no one else seemed to grasp (least of all my parents and most of the people I called friends) are now on the lips and in the hearts of most of the world and that makes me so happy I could just burst.


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