Finding Passion

I love a good diagram. It keeps a meeting flowing. Especially when everyone gets what they are seeing.

These four, simple circles are really the meaning of life – Work hard at what you love and become good at it – the world will find a need for you and provide the means for you to earn an income.


  • You have no choice in what you love. It is who you are.
  • You can choose what you are good at. That comes from hard work and dedication.
  • You cannot force the world to tell you what it needs. You need to be mindful and let it tell you in good time.
  • If you are good at what you do, the world will find a need for it, but you do not need to love it, which means you find comfort, but you are empty.
  • If what you love is what you are good at, but the world has no need for it, then you will not be paid for it, which means you are satisfied but do not feel accomplished.
  • If you love what you do, you are good at it, and the world needs it, then you are doing it for good reasons, but it cannot sustain you.
  • If you are meeting the world’s needs and you are doing what you love and getting paid for it, yet you are not very good at, you will live a life of uncertainty

This diagram is the essence of Ikagi and it is a part of Japanese culture and believed to be the source of long life.

The Japanese do not have a word for retirement. So long as they live according to those precepts above, they will always be busy, and they will always be honoured, because they will set the example for the generations that come after them.

That’s my plan, too. Love what I do, work hard at it, and trust the world will find a use for me and I will be able to earn a living. I will set an example for my children so that they will teach it to theirs.

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