Who Wants To Be A Hectonaire?

After I clicked “SEND” on my submission to “The Magazine Of Fantasy & Science Fiction” I came up with the word ‘hectonaire’.

My chain of thought went like this:

  1. MF&SF pays upwards for 6 cents USD a word – which means my story would net me around $190 when they published it.
  2. It wouldn’t be millions, but I sure could take my family out to celebrate and buy a good friend of mine a nice bottle of booze.
  3. If a millionaire is someone who has million dollars or more, what do you call someone who has a hundred dollars or more?

Google didn’t help in that regard, but Wikipedia tells me ‘100 is the square of 10 (in scientific notation it is written as 102). The standard SI prefix for a hundred is “hecto-“.

This instantly gave me a word for my imagined, new found fortune. A hectonaire. Feel free to use it at your leisure. I know I will use it somewhere in a story sometime soon.

But, it turns out, that MF&SF wasn’t interested in my story. Which is great news. Because I got two things out of it that I didn’t have before I sent it.

  • Practically instantaneous feedback!

The editor got back to me in less than a week. That feels incredible to me. Someone other than me and my friend Corrie was reading something that I wrote.

  • A personal response from the editor!

Either that, or a really well worded form letter. But I am working with the belief that he took the time to craft this for my benefit. My heart swells every time I read it (which is about a dozen times so far in the last few hours). Here it is:

Dear Robert,

Thank you for giving me a chance to read “Beowulf Presley – Ninja Hunter.” Unfortunately, this story didn’t quite grab me and I’m going to pass on it for Fantasy & Science Fiction. I wish you best of luck finding the right market for it and hope that you’ll keep us in mind in the future. 

Best regards,


C.C. Finlay, Editor
Fantasy & Science Fiction
fandsf.com | @fandsf

Who cares about being a hectonaire when I got stuff like this going on?

I think I will stay in submission mode for the rest of the month – going back over stories that I have in draft, polishing them up, and then sending them out.

Today is a good day, folks.

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